My journey into the world of sewing began about a year ago. It was a long time wish for me to learn how to sew but I allways found the sewing machine a bit intimidating. The fact that my mother scared me with her fable of the time she sewed through her finger didn`t help einther… But as it goes a mixure of free time, bordom and a big lack of creative expression finally forced me to ask my friend`s granmother to show me how to sew.I don`t know how, but we managed to sew my first pair of little trousres that first day of sewing lesson!!!They wern`t  the prettiest trousers you ever saw, but I sewed them and that was all that mattered.


I was hooked!!! With every new sewing project I started I saw how much more I had to learn… search the net (thank god for tutorials!!!!), read and experiment… Gradually I started to learn about fabrics and ask anybody in fabric store to explain to me the use for each material. My first sewing patterns were from Burda, their online site is so great!!


Would really recommend it to every new sewing anthusiast.Now bit by bit I am starting to create my own patterns… nothing big..but the feeling of creating my own clothes is more than satisfying.

So sewing a basic skirt is pretty easy, yes? Well my closet got full of skirts… They are great… But… I`m really not a skirt person. Not  in my free time anyways.


But what I do wear all the time are denim trousers!!! Sad I know, and not really romantic… But true. So the first pattern I am doing from scratch (not redoing a Burda Sewing pattern) is yes- short denim trousers!! Yey!!


Let`s begin! Ok I know how a trousers pattern should look, and I know that my measurements have to go into it… And I know that your behind is a bit bigger so I have to make my front a bit smaller than my back side pattern. So I did that- measured my hips, waist and upper tight… and made the according pattern. Since you have to incorporate a lot of things in each pair of trousers it maybe best to divide the pants in sections- bottom part with the legs which will have darts, the middle part and the top bit with the waist. Another thing is that I finally started to sew my trial versions in cheap cotton material.

I know, you start sewing and start to get good at it… and so tempting to start and skip a few steps..but in the end it`s just not worth it. Let`s face it-everyone makes mistakes, and in sewing those are inevitable.

Good thing I did that because my first rehearsal trousers went… well… that was a big flop… They didn`t even go over my hips!!! I had to tear them up so they would fit me, and I measured those gaps to add them in the new pattern.


Ha, ha… that`s ok… Come to think of it it`s really dawning on me why every time I go into a store to buy a pair of jeans I have to try at least 3 pair of jeans to find the right fit- and that`s factory made trousers where no one took my measurements!!! So I did my second rehearsal pattern, with those few extra inches from the first failed pattern.


And it fits!! But still a few adjustments were needed. Everything was great, but they still looked funny, a bit baggy around the butt. So I decided to slim them, but just the back part.


(photo shows the green line where I had to slim the first pattern)

Darts are in the back section-because no matter how much you curve your pattern edges if you have to cover a curvy object (not taking just about posterior here ) dart are in order!!

And voila!!

The bottom part of my jeans is done!!! For the top part of the project… next post:-)