I feel the shell of my boring self cracking. It`s so liberating to move on and to let go of your limitations- limitations that I myself forced on me. I think everyone does that- tells himself or herself that something is not possible and unreachable. I didn`t expect to find myself in my 30-es, hell […]




November rain in Poland: This is the fourth time I am starting this post to describe my new polish home. In my first week my emotions were mixed: I wasn`t happy with moving here and was feeling a bit lost. I was a bit taken by surprise with my new environment: ok, it`s raining a […]



I haven`t posted in a while… Can`t say I have a good excuse for that really… Well I did some new bags, some new dresses… This lovely skirt I am wearing in the photos… But I really don`t feel like talking about that. The end of the summer came with such a nostalgic feeling; I […]


Number one: Rodolpho

It is always hard to start a post. What is the best intro sentence… I actually wrote the post and went back to the beginning to change it because this is the hardest part of a post. I remembered this story that I read in the papers and I guess it is appropriate for the […]


The story of Kris

Oh yes, it`s finally here!!! Ta ta ra ta!!: My first leather handbag!! Well, first that is completely finished, doesn`t need any changes in the design and similar… I am so proud of it. It`s cute, and it`s stylish and it`s (great) mine!! Yes, yes, such modesty ;-)… Wait a second; the bag is still […]