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Well I`m not a travel blogger and I`m not exactly a fashion blogger or a lifestyle blogger although I have elements of each or those blogs in my posts… I think or this blog more of a diary/ inside a label kind of a blog. It`s nice to get my taught out on a piece of paper aka word document- gives me a chance to sort trough my feelings, desires, fears… So anyways, I got a chance to visit Krakow (because I really don`t travel all that much- but since I am in Poland I would like to visit it as much as I can). I`m not going to give you a list of places to visit or rate them or anything like that- that`s just unnecessary. I mean if you found this blog that you can probably type into Google: places to visit in Krakow… What I will tell you is what thoughts of Krakow I am carrying with me home. I always try to find inspiration for my work in places around me, monuments I visit… Well in Krakow I certainly found my inspiration!

My partner (yes, hubby I degraded your title if you are reading this, and I think you know why!) is always the trip planner I really didn`t even look up in advance at what monuments we will visit, our son was ill before the trip and for most part I was focused on him. That little time that I did think of planning my trip was focused on how cold it will be. Everybody told me it will be so so cold!!! Ha, ha, ha, really all I was thinking of was- well, no way am I buying snow wardrobe for those 4 days, I have other things on my “to buy” wish list. So my planning came down to “ok it will probably be so cold that I will just stay in our apartment the whole time (I really really don`t like it when it`s cold). I guess I was so scared of this cold that when we came to Krakow I didn`t even feel it, ok it was cold, but not much more that in Gdynia… I was shocked, the “how cold will it be??” problem was solved and I could go out and actually see the city. 😉

So I took my “Life is a game of cards” bag in blue and decided to play with the colors and patterns of my clothes: The yellow and fishnet stockings idea actually came from my “partner”!! I like it, makes everything a bit more playfull, don`t you think?

More on the actual bag “Life is the game of cards” click here.

As I said I will not list sight and museums here, but my impressions after everything. And when I think of Krakow I remember all of “the little things”, not just from museums but from the buildings around me; all of the details that people put in buildings that they build, old paintings, saddles, jewelry, tableware… I mean everything!! It is a happy and a sad kind of a feeling: of course it is inspiring for me. I mean just to look at one horse riding gear that was on display at the “crown treasury and amour” museum would give me material to work for a month, let alone everything we saw- so to speak… But it`s also a sad feeling because I see how we today are losing all of this: we don`t have time for anything except our phones. And everything we produce today is so painfully deprived of details it is just horrible… Ok, of course I love minimalism but when I compare it and our products of the day to “the past” well it`s just so hollow. Mass produced, identical, clean and cold… Deprived of a soul…

I am always so worried that all of the things that I sew are just too complicated and too fussy to make, and always think who will like it? Who will buy it- the production time is just too long and so on, and on… But seeing all of this exhibits in Krakow just opened my eyes, no it was more of an epiphany; this visual feast of people’s efforts and skills reassured me that small details and taking time to actually do something with your hands does matter!!This quiet and sacred world of manmade beauty is special and should be cherished. One image really stuck with me, and it wasn`t a tower or a church or anything big: it was this golden cup full of figures practically falling and running all over it and on top was this silver cornflower with little tiny petals and an even tinier silver stamens. And I keep thinking of this flower and it`s petals and stamens… Yes those people were rich and they could afford anything, but you don`t have to look at a rich man’s cup, the poor man’s cup would have been decorated, at least with a simple net to make it special and unique… Because those few belongings that they would possess they would embellish: just look at the folklore of any country. And at least the treasures of the rich are today`s heritage of a whole country and the world, what will remain from our rich people: silicone implants, Lamborghinis (all identical except for the color of course), Armani shirts??, ah…. Every thing has a right to be in a museum and every man has a right to buy whatever he or she wants: but all of our possession wove the threads of our culture. And through it our time will be remembered, these objects will tell a story of our civilization: and I really don`t like our story so far.



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