November rain in Poland:
This is the fourth time I am starting this post to describe my new polish home. In my first week my emotions were mixed: I wasn`t happy with moving here and was feeling a bit lost. I was a bit taken by surprise with my new environment: ok, it`s raining a lot and as we approach winter things are going to get worst. But it wasn`t the weather that was confusing me; the people are different- quiet and disciplined, and the culture is a different. And I started to panic how will I adapt… But after a week my feelings started to change…

In fact I shouldn`t be writing my first impressions `cause I`ve been here too short a time to get a complete picture on how it`s like to live in Poland. And it sounds strange that I even moved here, everyone moves to Britain, Germany or I don`t know Sweden or U.S.A… You don`t hear many people talking that they dream of living in Poland and/or the Baltic. Poland kind of falls between the cracks when talking of dream countries you would like to live in. I am or was like that, it never occurred to me to live in Poland and it was by chance that I came to live here. Well, now I am here and what`s it like?

People are different, I know that sounds bad, but I didn`t mean it. The mentality is just different, not bad different just different, on the outside they are a bit quieter and closed; I adjusted to that- if anything people here are more polite than in Croatia and I finally live in a country that is well organized. But all or that shyness and reserve vanishes on a Friday or Saturday night they loosen up even more that Italians or Croatians. I think if we are going to stay a bit longer I should definitely start learning the language because I didn`t find that a lot of people here speaks English. I mean I have a lot of exploring to do, because for me this isn`t a tourist trip it is the whole living experience: My son is in the preschool here, my husband works here… and I am still in the process of evaluating my new environment and weighing this city and every aspect of living here against Croatian, Austria where my brother lives and so on.

As winter was approaching I was a bit worried about the cold. But before the cold I had to deal with the rain which was pouring constantly: at first I always carried an umbrella with me. Then I noticed something that for me was strange: people here, I don`t know how to best describe this, and in lack of a better word let’s say the people here are “cool”, they don`t seem to be bothered easily with anything. It`s raining and half the people just walk around without an umbrella-as if they are saying “who cares”, as if the rain doesn`t exist. “Rain?? It is no more than mist, I can`t be bothered with that..” They put on a hat and go about their business. This is a great hat opportunity!!! 😉 And the country is vast, the city is huge so I walk a lot: I actually live in a metropolitan area of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdinya (where I currently live, but will be moving to Gdansk soon) or the tri-city as it is called that is a home to some million people. I walk a lot here so first order of business is a nice backpack, and a rain coat, and last but not least very very very warm coat.

Snows of December:
The snow still hasn`t fallen, the cold came, but I still wait for the big cold. You know when the sea freezes and so on. And I am worried about driving a car on a snow covered road, hopefully my driving will be limited to driving in the city where all of the road will be cleaned. I bought a cute red teddy bear coat, so I hope I got the cold part covered. I started a new bag design, and you can see in the pictures the first stage of this bag. But I am going to change it so the bag still has no name. I`m going to change the shape a bit in order that the actual construction of the bag becomes simpler, but basically it will stay a “bowling bag” bag, very simple. The main aspect of the bag is the embroidery, which I really like: it depicts the nighttime at the Garden of Eden. It is very sensual, romantic, and full of details. I`m very proud of how it turned out because I was worried that I wouldn`t be able to embroider all of the details. But it turned out more beautifully that I hoped!! The handles are like on the “Life is a game of cards” bag, but they end in leather ribbons- that detail stays. But the strap, huh, I wanted a rope kind of strap, but I just don`t know jet…

All in all a good start with bag making in Poland. And I was worried that I will lose the bag making nerve or creativity or how to call it… I always taught that my creativity is somehow connected to this Mediterranean environment I lived in, and that moving would somehow change that… Stupid superstition…
Well, the important thing is that I am sewing, I like Poland and will be keeping an update on my adjustment to this moving, well really I think I adjusted already. I mean it`s not hard to adjust to the good ;-). And this new bag will get an upgrade and a name… Bye


I`ll try and photograph more of a touristic photos of Gdansk and Gdynia… But as soon as I saw the shipyard I wanted a photo there. A girl just can`t resist all this rusted colorful machines and brick warehouses 😉

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