about “Take me to the moon” series

 “Take me to the moon” series of handbags started as a response to the mediocre environment I am (was) living in- it`s a good thing I`m moving again… But sometimes you just can`t leave. All of the noisy neighbors and the jealous competitive women I my life, the demanding family…Aaaaaaagh! So frustrating! All of these petty rules you have to obey… And the cherry of all of this ridiculous rules is when those uncreative, boring and by no means interesting people look at my bags and say: “ Oh they`re nice (with a sour look on their face) but not really for me, they`re too colorful…”

Should I give in to this mediocrity and become this bland boring person?? Should I fit in and adjust my design to their wishes? Ha, ha, now the teenager inside of me comes out! Guess what you tedious, dreary people, your opinion isn`t important to me. Not that it`s not important it`s a reason to make a more outrageous and creative bags. Yes I know that this isn`t exactly solving the world hunger kind of a problem. But every time you give in to “this kind of pressure” you are dimming your passion, your voice gets a bit smaller until there is no you. An over exaggeration? I don`t think so. If I am over exaggerating then why is the world full of frustrated dull people who walk around angry at everything, blind to the beauty that`s around them.

This were all just the reasons why I started this series of bags, not what this series is about. I don`t plan fighting anybody. I don`t want to go down this road. Even this word- fight is a too strong… We have enough of fighting and negativity around us. Sometimes I am exhausted with dealing with people who will never understand creativity, trying to explain what this is. The beauty of creating something. There is even joy in solving a technical problem when trying to create a bag. This series is an escape to a world of pure creativity and joy. No, it`s not even an escape, it`s a gateway. I don`t think that we should ditch this world. Just to look at it with different glasses. yes this is what this series is about, this are a kind of glasses to help you look at the world around you differently. Ok, the name alludes to something of an escape, but I just want to have moon in its name, in the end we are a part of something bigger. We are a part of this universe…  “All it takes is a kiss” wallet and “Life is a game of cards” handbag are first of this series. For me they are very playful, full of passion and life. I want people to smile when they look at them. I want this to be this little thing that will brighten you up, even for a second or two. Sometimes that’s enough.

Video on how “Life is a game of cards” bag is made:







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