To the next lover…

It has become a bit of a game for me now, or shall I say the icing on a cake: how should I call my new bag? So every time a new model is made, or is in the making I get to play this naming game. The whole line of bags is named “the lover boy”; but even your everyday bag shouldn`t be a boring dreary bag. No, no it should be a “love at first sight” thing or better yet, a forbidden love affair. Because you know woman and their bags- you just have to buy it, even when you know you are being unreasonable. Oh, but you want it so badly… And why not you ask yourself. I have been neglecting myself, working all day, managing the kids (all of the usual excuse, right? 😉 ) The hell with it! We don`t need an excuse! We love it! And that`s how you should buy your bag: because you fell in love with it, not because you need to follow trends, and it`s in style, or it the most practical. Blah, practical, it even sounds like it`s a disease! 🙂 Practical goes well with bland, don`t you think? I don`t do bland bags… No… Well, my friends said that my bags are a bit showy, not for everyone-and of course they`re not! They are for a strong and confident woman tired of all of the b*s* she has to take and all of the excuses she has to give to justify everyone. No excuses, just lovers, ok!

To the next lover boy, shall we?  This one, well… This is going to sound wrong in all the levels. Oh god… Well the best way to describe this lover, ups, bag is to say it is big. More than big, it is huge!!! You really can go around it. It is big! Oh my god, darn my catholic upbringing!! Everything sounds wrong! I`ll start again!!

Maybe it`s best I just go to the naming bit: This is Clyde! Why Clyde? After the last bag everyone taught I`ll be naming my bags exclusively Spanish names.

Yes, Spanish names sound exotic, very sensual, and I do like a Juan (like Don Juan de Marco) and Casanova as a perfect name for one of my bags… But not this one. Believe it or not I take this naming business very seriously. The name has to fit, it just has to click. And Clyde felt right. A very common name for a very simple bag. But there`s more to Clyde than meets the eye. You see, the bag is named after Bonnie and Clyde. When I was searching for a name and came to this- it just felt right. I mean, this is a perfect Clyde bag: it`s big (as we established ;-)) perfect for hauling your loot! It`s so huge you can even pack in it for a small getaway-like say running from the police!! 🙂 So when you put things into the right context Clyde has just the right amount of naughty, sexy, and funny in it. The right name to brighten up your day!!!



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