It`s not even funny or cute as the song. Yes, I did it- I broke my sewing machine, actually a little part of it; but it can`t sew anymore so the dimension of the part are really not important… I am so angry at myself, so ashamed that I could do something so careless… I feel that at this point I can just write about it, because there is no way I can fix this mess myself.

Things were going so well, I made two new bag models this week-I actually needed to finish one, but I had a story about them in my head. I finally started to upload my Instagram and Facebook profile on a daily basis… I was even ready to upload my stuff on my web shop- I was dreading that ever since I started to sew bags… (You know, until you put your stuff out there to be judged you`re safe, you can be disappointed if no one will buy them). So everything was great. There was just this little bit- wire on my upper thread tension controller was out of balance. I just wanted to fix that. So I got my manual… Decided I can do it myself. I mean, what`s the big deal, right? So after reading the instructions, unscrew this and turn that and then turn it again… Ok, simple, right? But I ended up with nothing so I started all over again. And the wire just snapped. I was confused and bewildered. What!?? How did that happen?? I must have made the tension too strong or the wire just got distorted, I don`t know… But I do know that when I saw that I made things worse I started to panic and everything went to hell. In the end I broke the wire and made a complete mess of the controller.

All of my plans came crushing down on me… Why me!?? Why Now!!?? There`s no repair shop in my city. The machine is so big and heavy I can`t move it (it`s screwed on to a table)… This was my despair faze. She (the machine) actually came on a transport palette with a small truck because I couldn`t fit in a car. Some of the industrial machines can be dismantled and you can take the head to a repair shop. But that`s not always a good option, you risk damage to the machine in transportation, the oil will leak, and again the head itself is quite heavy you can carry it around. The guy in the shop where we bought it said that he wouldn`t take it apart, better we ship it as whole unit.

And when I realized I had to call my service and beg him to come here, because of my stupid mistake… I was so ashamed. But more than that I felt like I broke my friend. I`m not just saying that like this machine is my newest toy and am sad that it`s broken. Sewing leather can be difficult because unlike with sewing fabric, in sewing leather you can`t undo a wrong stitch. You can`t remove wrong stitches and saw leather more than once. And when I saw some delicate parts, like leather lace it is even more difficult. One wrong move and all of your work is ruined. It`s the same with leather embroidery. I have to be careful with my every move. So I look at my machine as my partner, I have to be careful to listen to her, to watch her every stitch. If the leather edges are unlined even for just a bit, the needle can distort and break, if there are lumps or uneven parts she may slide from the desired line… and after all that I go and get her broken. Ok I get it fix somehow… But still, this was a failure for me. I know it`s not the end of the world, just one setback. It`s hard enough to be your own designer and sewer, but to be the repair man also… I guess I`ll learn as I go along…

I got the machine fixed after a few days!!!! What a relief… The guy said it`s not a big deal, of course he never broke the wire on his sewing machine.. But still. It`s fixed!!! And the next time I will call somebody before I decide that I can be my own repair man!!





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