Number one: Rodolpho

It is always hard to start a post. What is the best intro sentence… I actually wrote the post and went back to the beginning to change it because this is the hardest part of a post. I remembered this story that I read in the papers and I guess it is appropriate for the rest of the post. It was a true memory of a harem mistress Jill Dodd. You see in Saudi Arabia a man is allowed to have 3 formal wives and 11 mistresses. This is a post of about a bag, it will make sense later I promise! 🙂

I would like to introduce the bag that is in these photos. It actually has a name and I came up with this name almost immediately!! This is my Rodolpho bag!!! This is surprising when I still have some bags that I made months ago and still have no clue on how to name that model. I mean it those bags are great and practical, but boy I have absolutely no idea no how to name them. But back to Rodolpho. It is as it should be. The name is male because a woman should choose and feel for a bag as with a lover. And when I look at Rodolpho this is just how I feel. This is ridiculous but hey we all have a crazy side to ourselves. Well, Rodolpho is named after Roudolph Valentino of Rodolfo Pietro Filiberto Raffaello Guglielmi. I made the design a few months ago but felt it is a bit… I felt unsecure about it. But now that it`is here it just great. It is all I wanted. I like that it has this multiple compartments inside. Its side reminds me of my uncle’s accordion briefcase. I want to make it with different versions of the front part. For now it’s the plain side with flowers and the leather lace front. And I want to make bigger versions of it with a top handle and a half leather strap.

So me and Rodolpho went to get some coffee this weekend. The feeling when you put your bag on your table is incredible. Everyone can see what you made, every stitch and every petal that I carved! I was so proud! I want to take Rodolpho to a trip; I see him and me on a yacht of a romantic trip to Venice!!! Oh that would be so nice!!! Oh he is even better than a lover, you don`t have to hide him, doesn`t complain and looks great!! So if I follow the Saudi Arabia rule I have 10 more bags to go!! 🙂 I think I better finish this before I embarrass myself completely…



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