The story of Kris

Oh yes, it`s finally here!!! Ta ta ra ta!!: My first leather handbag!! Well, first that is completely finished, doesn`t need any changes in the design and similar… I am so proud of it. It`s cute, and it`s stylish and it`s (great) mine!! Yes, yes, such modesty ;-)… Wait a second; the bag is still missing its name! Oh no!! I never liked this part when I was naming my paintings. I mean you spend so much time struggling with the whole composition and the creative process that I just didn`t care to name the artwork in the end. Even if I could come up with a name in most cases I would forget it after a month or so…

All this designing, making sewing patterns, trail versions… All this work that is supposed be the most difficult part of creating a handbag and this is where I`m stuck…??!1 What should I name my first bag? If you are baffled with my problem and are thinking “What is she blabbering about..!?!” Let me explain: The name is something this bag will be stuck with for the rest of its time; it will distinguish it from the rest. I mean look at the Kelly bag. Yes I know, I am not Hermes but that`s not the point. The point is that I have to find a name that will fit this bag. Oh, no: it`s naming my son time all over again!!! Just this time thank god I don`t have to put the “teasing from the other kids problem” into the equation. Trust me this is hard… No wonder Ikea names their products after cities in Sweden- just pick a town and you`re done. That actually got me thinking that I should name my bags after people I know… But, hum… Let me describe this bag as I see it: it`s very very romantic because of the flowers on it. At the same time it`s simple because of the way it opens. The bucket shape for me makes it very casual… So it`s romantic, simple and casual- I don`t know any person that is just that!!!

Another naming strategy is needed. Hmm, hmm… I have another idea; the bucket bag does remind me of a friend of mine- Kristina (hope she isn`t reading this!!)… So I just take her name… Huh… There is something else I was thinking of. I notice something: all women’s bags are named with a woman’s name. That is a bit boring… Not to mention you have to be careful not to take someone else’s name. So why not name it with a man’s name? I mean you buy most of your clothes because you need something to literally cover yourself; to make yourself warm or comfortable when it`s warm.. Or you need something for an occasion or work… But you know, most of the time clothes are a necessity. When it comes to accessories and bags we can get a bit crazy. And we do get a bit crazy when it comes to bags. We fall in love with a great bag; and you know you really don`t need it, and it too expensive; but it so good looking. I mean you can see yourselves taking it to your favorite restaurant or café. Maybe you two can go and take a little romantic getaway, and it will be so lovely… You see? It is a love affair. So a man`s name it is- not to be discriminatory against anybody. I am now saying whom women should date, this is bag naming.

All right, it won’t be Kristina it will be Kris. This can actually be a men and a woman’s name.. But for me it`s a boy!! So here it is: my Kris bag is here!!!




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