The rich also cry… and so do the talented :-)

“The rich also cry- Los ricos también lloran”, was a TV show that broadcasted when I was little. I don`t know why but that title shuck with me. I don`t remember any birthdays or anniversaries but this I remember!!?? I guess you got to take your talents as they come to you. So remembering and working with numbers is not one of mine talents obviously ;-). But to create, now that is something different! Ok, I get periods of euphoria about my work and periods of total… I won`t say depression, but certainly periods of unhappiness about my work. Times when I don`t see any perspective in what I am doing. When I used to paint those periods were even more present, that’s one of the reasons why I stopped painting.

“Persistence. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence; Talent won`t; Nothing is more common then unsuccessful men with talent; Genius won`t; Unrewarded genius is practically a cliché. Education won`t. The world is full of educated fools. Persistence and determination alone are all powerful. Show that you don`t have to be defeated by anything.”
So why am I talking about persistence when talent is so great..? Because for every time you get something right you will fail about a dozen times, especially in sewing and creating clothes and accessories. I watched “The founder” the other day and there was this quote that I just wrote: it`s the persistent men that succeed. Not that it is just important to succeed but to be happy with what you are doing, for me that happiness and fulfillment with my work is more important-of course you can talk about that when your basic needs are satisfied. But I must agree about persistence being the most important part of what you are doing, it`s not the talent that will get you through, it`s the persistence to go on even if you fail, even if you (currently ) don`t see any hope in your work… To believe in yourselves and to have a vision that your work will be rewarded: financially and psychologically. Don`t want to sound like a crazy motivation speaker, but in creative work it`s all you can rely on. I don/t have a lot of self-confidence but boy am I stubborn!!! So now I see there/s god side in that. You should get worried when I start reading my horoscope and start saying how it`s a god thing that I am a Capricorn and so on :-)!!!
So sometimes you cry when you are so satisfied with what you have done and sometimes you cry because something you started turned out to be a complete and utter failure. I just hope that I will remember that the next time my stitches get all crooked and I sew something wrong. And when my pattern turns out a complete nonsense, ah you just have to love your work. Bye

Sure enough 5 min since I wrote my post I went on sewing and of course I sewed wrong sides together!!! Persistence.


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