Big, bigger, THE BEST!!!!

Ha, ha… I see what this title implies… But I`m talking about bags 😉 . Specifically BIG bags. Oh yes, my new bag is finished!! Italian leather is my new addiction!!! And I love it, love it, love it!! My husband said: “great!! Let`s sell it…” But, she`s like my baby… Every detail I carved, every flower petal passed through my hands, every stitch I sewed… I can`t let go of it just like that. I guess he saw how much I am proud of it so I get to keep it!! I`m not really much of a business man- woman!!! Ha, ha!!!

So boys and girls how do you like your bags? I honestly can`t decide which I like more: big bags or itty-bitty small ones. T Tiny ones are so cute, but boy do big ones make a statement!! Before I begin I must say big bags are just as unpractical as the teeny tiny ones which hold almost nothing. Yes, you heard me right I said that they are unpractical. Why!?! Really when you fill them up, and you will because you can, you end up with a load simply unpractical to carry around. So I try to avoid them, but the urge is too strong :-). So don`t over fill it, right? Yes in a universe where we women are very sensible and practical (to the ones who are bravo to you, sadly I am not :-)). You know what I`m talking about: there is always that little last thing you just simply have to take with you because you never know if you`re gonna need it out in the town. I mean you have to have a clean tissue, and a wet one is optional, and an emergency concealer (I never use it when I`m out- but I never leave my house without one, seriously 🙂 !!!!), a wallet, lipstick, a lip balm, phone and a hair comb- these are the basic stuff!!! But I never take the “basic package”, oh no…

Let me go on: reusable bag for shopping, a little notebook would be great, and a pen and a pencil and an eraser if I get the urge to draw- this one is the artist in me speaking. I never draw when I`m out, but well you can guess we`re not on “reasonable grounds” now, are we? Oh no Dorothy, we left that land long ago… 😉 The list of things a woman takes with her just goes on and on… and if I`m taking my son with me… well then all hell breaks loose. You have to have everything with you and still he will need that one thing you left at home!!!  Oh my god packing your bag to go out is a nightmare!!! It`s like you`re packing for a 3 day trip, not a stroll to the town center, ha, ha, ha!!!

Don`t know if all the woman are like me… Hope not 😉 Oh, who cares. So I don`t know how to pack. Big deal… Come to think of it- if I would like to change something about me I wouldn`t be my packing skills. I would change this whole “lost in the clouds” thing I have going on.  I`m always late to every appointment, forgetting what I have to do. I always write everything down and then loose the paper on which I wrote it. Yes, yes I know that all of those things I listed are related: I`m late because I don`t know how to pack, and I don`t know how to pack because my head is lost in the clouds… However that` s not the topic… If you can`t change it, go along with it.

That would be all for now folks!! Come to think of it-I have to go and get ready to go to town…!!! And you know that’s going to take some time!!! 😉 And I`m taking my new big bag with me! And we`re going to look fabulous! I made it and I am walking proudly with it!!! And I promise not to overfill it! Scouts honor!! Or as we would say here: casna pionirska- I`m not translating this one… Really don`t know how to translate it: just imagine it`s a honor pledge like in boys scouts, just it`s not boys scout it`s little communist scouts!! You see, it`s better that you don`t know what it means!! Bye!!!


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