The quest for the perfect winter coat

Yes, the cold weather is already upon us and the quest for a perfect winter coat begins. And if you are a seamstress well, the problem just gets bigger… Why is it that when the winter is already here I decide it`s time for a good winter coat…? Sewing takes some time; you have to find the right materials. And what kind of coat? Should my coat be a bohemian military style, should it be in the style of the sixties…or just a biker jacket? And how about those ruffles, summer was full of ruffles… Why should that end in winter; wouldn’t it be great to add those in the coat somehow? First I decided that I wanted to sew a military style coat. So how did it end up looking like a strange sixties coat? Why does it look like this? Because I sewed a whole other coat instead. I always have to complicate things so the coat that I wanted to sew is “still in the drawing room” or to be precise in “the sewing room”. The coat featured in photos was a backup plan.

My primary design was as always too elaborate, full of details, bits of pieces too complicated to even sew together. It drained my time, my energy, it blurred my vision to a point that I didn`t even know where I was going with it. And the whole time I was sewing and designing this monster of a coat I was also thinking of an opposite design in mind. The first had lots of details-the second one was simple. The first was full of references to ethnic and historic fashion- the second was a reconstructed simple sixties coat. And when I was at the end of my whits, when I didn`t even know if I liked what I was sewing, it was 7 pm in the evening, my whole family was waiting for me to finish so we could spend some quality time together (I don`t have a typical work hours as I work at home) I decided that enough is enough and in a half an hour sewed the basics for this coat. I`m not saying that it is the best coat in the world or the best fashion design. I can`t even say that it is all my design- so much of the world around me influences me that I came to think that what you design is a big mash of everything you see… And as I said, it`s a reference to the sixties coat. But here it is! My mohair coat!

With this sixties style coat it`s all about simplicity and minimalism… A contrast to this bare design is the soft feel of the luxurious cashmere. The coat has such clean lines, almost like a modernist building. So it`s only fitting that I shoot it in a modernist building. I couldn’t wait to visit this site. Maybe you can`t tell at first but the photos were shoot at a once luxury 5 star hotel. It was a very modern place in the time of its construction in 1972. A place where film stars and world leaders would meet. A strange thing for ex communist Yugoslavia to have, even stranger that it was for a short time a Penthouse casino. Now this beautiful architectural complex is abandoned and left to the mercy of vandals. But everywhere you go in this huge complex you can still feel its grandeur. You can feel the golden age of modernism- big hotels, big dreams and big ideals. Nothing was to hold back the progress then; everything was to be better, bigger, and brighter. Until it all failed. And here we are, an abandoned complex that used to hold Penthouse parties and simple me and a coat that I didn`t wanted to sew. But there is something sad, almost abusive in the use of this scenery to photograph my outfit. You can see such hate and pointless destruction here. It almost feels like it`s a cemetery. I feel I should leave this place to rest and mourn its glory days… But at the same time I can`t wait to go there again.


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