Sewing my dream coat

Since I started sewing and messing with pattern making I had a few dream projects in mind. Sewing a coat from my design is one of that. That would be something different than all those skirts I sewn; I have so many skirts that I even started to wear them. To explain if you didn`t read any previous post I`m more of a trouresrs person, even if I think that skirts are more romantic, have that wow factor and you look so dressed up just by wearing a skirt. But in the end I always seem to end up in trousers- them being so practicall when you`re in a rush- and I`m always running, being late- if you know me you`ll know that. But back to my coat, yes, that gorgeous coat… You can never find the right one at the store, or if you do it`s too expensive. At least it is for me. I sewn jackets, but never did find the time for a coat. Untill now.

So on we go with coat making. Hope it will be a series of posts- a short series; hopefully it won` t take me too long to sew it! I will write on how the project is going. I must warn you if I`m going to write about sewing a coat it will be a half diary- half tutorial post with instructions on how I made the coat. Of course I will be well, sometimes a bit …hm, crazy?! Is that too much to say? I do tend to go a bit overboard with my explanations and fears and everything. But I want to sew a coat so badly!!! I want it, I want it, I want it!!! This is why I am so inlove with fashion!! I adore making my things!! I genuinely can wait to start writing and sewing! God I do hope it will end up ok, the coat I mean. I can already see that I will get a bit crazy when something goes wrong. Start fighting with my sewing machine and so on. Ah, it`s the creative process, no me…  Just kiddin`, it is me. I am an opssesive person sometimes. That`s why I used to love when we did project around the school where I used to work, don`t think that my pupils were so thrilled like me. Well besides the time they could skip class to go work on an art project… 🙂

I have a slim waist coat in mind, in two colors with standing collar. I actually have more than one idea of what I want. One coat is a version of a military coat and the other would be shorter with faux fur sleeves. But I can`t seem to find an appropriate fur for that, and the idea didn`t go well with the people I told it to. So even if I do find the rigt fur I`m worried that in this fur coat I will look like a strange half jetti beast. The best thing would be to sew both of the designs and choose- if everything goes as planned. Of course I can always count on something going wrong. That is the beauty of sewing I guess… 😉 I really don` t know if those fur sleeves will work: I didn`t find a faux fur material here in any store. So I have to buy the fake fur online; the problem is that I don`t know if the material will be all right until it gets here…  And I never sewed any kind of fur before. I do like the idea of the fur sleeves, but what if that faux fur is a bit too much. Not a lot of people are wearing fur these days (real or faux), and if they do it kind of an extravagant piece of clothing. Maybe people will look at me funny. That`s something that a 20 year old me wouldn`t have a problem with. But 30 year old me- carpool mom me is a bit anxios with people looking and judging. So even before I sewed anything I`m chickening out! Oh no I won`t! If I do sew it and if I do like it I will bloody well wear it! I`m mean what- I will design my own clothes to wear them only inside my house?!?

But the coat has to be sewn perfectly… The worst thing for me is when someone comes to me and says- “oh what a lovely coat (or a skirt or what ever), did you sew it yourselves?”… That sounds like it`s sewn badly. So badly you can see it`s a home made. No, no… It has to be sewn perfectly, and it`s not just the coat. Anything I am sewing has to be sewn perfectly. Ok there is a possibility that someone is asking you if you sewen it yourself because he`s thinking, this is too different a design to be store bought… Ok, I`m insane. Have to complicate everything!

I have a beautiful 100% red wool material that I bought last winter because it was so gorgeuos that I couldn`t pass the chance to buy it. And now finally I have a project to use it. Think of mixing that material with dark blue velvet- so I hope that those two different materials will work together. Also I am thinking of putting a thin layer of padding to make the coat somewhat warm- the wool material is very thin and the velvet is no good on it`s own as a warm coat material. So I have to sew the padding onto the lining since I don`t want the sewing lines of the padding to be visible on the outside of the coat. Hum, this will be quite an experiment! But this is what I want. If I`m going to sew something it will be from my designs, not just following store bought patterns. Never could find the right pattern anyways. I mean, Burda patterns are great- but… They are not always what I am looking for. Oh I hope I don`t make a complete fool out of myself and the coat turns to be a big fiasco!!

You`ll have to wait untill next post! Bye!

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