Romance? What is that?

I am not a romantic person. My husband will agree with that. When I watched “The notebook” well, I was so bored that I stopped in the middle of the movie because I just couldn`t take it. Ok if you like it, but I can`t look at those exaggerated scenes of love and romantic phrases. Everything about it looks fake. If my significant other would sat near me and started reciting me poetry I would probably tell him to stop because it would annoy me. Not that I don`t like poetry, just I don`t like big romantic gestures. I mean what am I supposed to do with this charade of him whispering verses??  I don` t even remember the date my husband and I started dating. Isn`t it more important that we can get along with each other and that I can tell him everything- from “Hey I scratched your car…again” to “Stop reciting that poem if you want to live!”. I`m too much of a practical person for actual romance- as I hope you can see from my photos I sew, crochet, paint… I don`t expect that my man will read me my life story when I go senile (a reference to the “The notebook” if you haven`t seen it). I mean doesn`t it mean more that he (or her, whatever you like) will be by your side when you are sick or will wash the dishes when you are tired, you know- those little every day things.

But a romantic  flowy dress …? A photo of romance, whether it is and a rustic picnic on the grass, romantic dress or scenery… Now that`s something. Maybe I`m more of a visual type… And how about that wedding dress? Isn`t that the ultimate of all of the romantic dresses? Me and my partner are not legally married even do we live together for 10 years and have a son together. I never needed that official I do on paper. I think that a wedding would be too much of a hastle and would end up beeing an emotional and logistic nightmare. Especially because my partner wants a big wedding… I mean he wants to invite everyone from our mailman to the guy he once sat together in math class… But the wedding dress… Huh… I do like wedding dresses… So what is that now?? Am I still just that little girl that dresses her doll in a white dress and plays marriage? I am in denial, am I just craving for all those stereotypes of romance?!? Do I just claim I don`t need a wedding and romantic gestures but deep inside want that big white dress?? Want that tulle dress?

Another thing I like is  50ies fashion and hippie fashion- those two different styles have one thing in common: 50ies big full skirts are really the most romantic and extravagant skirts. They are a reflection of  the economic developement and prosperity that followed the end of the WW II. What better way to celebrated all the abundance they then had then to look back to those ornate gowns of the 19 century. They relished in that opulence like they were makeing up for all they didn`t have in the rationing and poverty of the war years. On the other hand hippie fashion was all that 50ies and 60ies fashion wasn`t- it was free and unbridled. A reconnection and a coming back to nature; with a romantic hue… So some aspects of those two very different styles are similar, not so much in visual appearance but the spirit behind them.

And is this bohemian fashion style that is more and more growing in popularity just a modern woman’s cry for love? Maybe I am just over- exaggerating, but… Are we afraid of romance? Is it the fear of romantic failure? It`s hard to find love today, even if you do find time for it. We have all this freedom to choose and do what we want- but still we get stuck in a dead end. Don`t know what`s wrong just know that something is wrong… So in fashion we follow styles as they are given to us. Or do we? Maybe it`s not all just served by the big fashion houses, maybe we do have a mind of our own in all this..?  😉 Maybe we are trying to find in fashion something more. Something that is missing in our lives. Is it this simple? I do think that people are trying to fill the gaps in their lives with things- so clothes and accessories would fit in that category. They are just things. A romantic dress to give you a bit of romance and a smart suit to give you power.

What does all this mean to me?? I am a romantic person after all?? Is that even ok to admit? Today when it`s expected of you to be strong and self-confident. I come back to the little girl I was- a girl that wants pink dresses with ruffles and lace and to play on the grass and pick flowers. We all want happiness and love. And it`s not about the person standing next to us, it`s always about us- about me. So ok I can go ahead and admit it. I want to be romantic. There, I said it and nothing bad happened . No earthquakes or wraths of —are happening… everything is ok. 😉

All this revelations!! Huh, I better call my partner and say I expect a poem by sundown… Just kiddin`, I will compromise and say I am a non-romantic romantic person. For now; one day I`ll  evolve to a real romantic person!! Well it`s progress… Worst thing you can do is lie to yourself, right? But I don`t have all the answers, I am just beginning to realize just how complicated everything is… If you are like me- romantic but don`t want to admit it (a non-romantic romantic person)… It`s ok to say that you sometimes need that other person to be by your side. It`s ok to admit that even if you found love you are afraid that this will someday end. Too much to think about… Oh give yourself a brake, everything is ok!

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