To wear or not to wear, that is the question…

I`m reading my posts and thinking, and boy am I dreary. People don’t want to read about depressive stuff. Lighten up! Smile! Fashion is cheerful, lovely… You look at all this models and girls posing on their instagram and they`re all smiling, running around… (Always running, did you notice?) They’re casually crossing the street. I can never get such a photo; so cool and relaxed.

There`s another thing that puzzles me; I like to see a photo with movement (obviously when I`m talking about it). Photos with wind that’s blowing fabric around are the best! But when I do it I just get my hair all over my lipstick. God this is so trivial!! Epic problems, right? How to take a good instagram photo- But hey I said I will be more upbeat.

So ok, colorful and easy it is!! I can do that! Hum… Can I? Huh… Better get in the mood, I`m thinking chiffon floating in the breeze and  birds singing… I really like this new trend of (come to think of it it`s not all that new…) contrasting textures and styles. You probably saw it on Gigi Hadid.. At first I found it strange, but come to think of it, why not! We are too stuck up with all this rules and norms. This should be worn like this, and like that, and like what. Boring… And all those advices well, you are a lady in your 30-ies you can wear tank tops and miniskirts. I actually read an article on how long should your garment be in your 20, 30, 40…  And all the advices I hear all the time; you can`t wear a black bra on a white top, you can`t die your hair blue you`re not a teenager anymore… And I must say for my standards I dress ordinary, too ordinary even. No way is my dressing anything different than what most people are wearing. Like in the photo on the beginning of this post- this is an ordinary casual look. Maybe a bit too revealing cleavage. At least that what my mother would say- you don`t have the breast for that!!! Cover yourself!!! Well, a lot of people I know would say that. A girl (woman) has to me modest and caste… Yes. (That`s an that ironic yes). When I went to buy a bading suite this summer my friend rejected most of my pick because it made me flat as a board. Ok, but I7m built as I am… Why should I change that…? So I ended up with a swim suit that has more filling than a pillow- oh that`s a joy to dry on the beach!!! So I don`t wear deep plunging v neck clothes. (But I would want to!!).

Enough!!! We should be free with our bodies… It`s so good to experiment with fashion styles!! The woman on the street I look at are women who dress boldly, they are such a thrill to look at. And If I see an older woman (let`s say in her 60ies; hope that`s not offensive to anyone to say that 60 is old, but hey to a 15 year old I am old.) in a mini skirt and walking proud, well that `s the best. Do you ever think that when you hang on to one dress code and a certain past style that one day you`ll find yourself looking like your grandmother? That grandmother that dresses horribly and you keep telling her she can loosen up her style.

But this is a cheerful post! Flowers and bunnies running on a meadow :-). Oh let`s face it, I`m more of a Woody Allen persona- always over thinking it and being sarcastic… I should embrace it. New research says that it`s good to be pessimistic. Yeah right, I`ll put a grumpy photo on my instagram, that`s sure to hit a lot of likes… Ha, Ha… But back to fashion.

Funny thing is that in my teens- early 20ies I dressed in gothic clothes. At one point I got fed up with this style (or I simply outgrew it). This is maybe too much for me now, but it`s strange because 20s me was more unhappy and unsecure with her body than me now. And in the contrary then I experimented more with fashion, and dressed boldly.. I envy the 20s me for not having fear… Even though that was a facade. I understand if lawyers (or similar professions) have to follow a certain dress code, I had a dress code when I was working in school. But still it`s constraining to have all this rules in something that should be simple. If you like something wear it.

And now that I`m a mom… Things got even more complicated. I see that when I go to pick up my son from kindergarten I always look to be very decent looking. Don`t want to stir any unwanted emotions or comments with other mums. You just want to blend in. Everything I do will reflect on my son. So that`s why we all get tangled up into all this norms and rules. And slowly we give in to what is expected of us to wear and how to act until we lose ourselves completely. Not just in fashion, in everything.

Do you know what my New Year`s resolution will be? To dress more boldly. Well, it`s going to be an Octobers resolution, ha-ha… But why not? We could all use some of that youthful carelessness and recklessness sometimes.

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