My prince charming

All of my bags have male names, (in case you didn`t catch the post where I explain the reason: it`s because you should pick your accessories as if you are falling in love with them, and women’s names seemed a bit boring 😉 ). So it`s appropriate that I should have a prince among all of my boys!! 😉 No, just kiddin` this is not the reason for this bag to be called Rainier. It`s a different story behind this name. It all started with Grace Kelly, I felt that this bag is something she would wear.

It possesses that glamour that she had. And originally this bag was supposed to come with a pair- this is a bit naughty of me: But this bag was to be accompanied with a small bag named Cary Grant (hint: Grace Kelly`s lover). Rainier is the sensible bag which can fit more things, and the little one is pure joy! Still working out my problems with Cary-listen to me: it`s like we`re in a relationship!  Come to think of it we are! When things go well with sewing I am ecstatic with a bag, but when I can`t fix something… Boy is that bag going to the trash! So me and Cary are still in couples counseling, but Rainier is my golden boy! My pride and joy, my go to bag! It can take a more geometric or a rustic decoration, be plain or totally colorful. And it matches any kind of outfit easily…

And sometimes you need that security and comfort that that accessories will not be another quirky buy that`s just going to sit in the back of the closet because it`s too flashy, or too big or too I don`t know what- A wrong buy… My work here is done, I just have to go and fix Cary… Poor guy, I don`t even carry that model anymore… But I have this photo shoot in my mind for so long: in style of Grace Kelly but a more down to earth version: Her traveling, wearing a 50s matching jacket and pencil skirt and crying both bags. Of course the bags must be the same leather… You know, everything perfect and coordinated- Stephord wife vibes! I already see this is going to be too complicated-because I have to sew everything, and the outfit… Oh, ok it will be a photo shoot that evolves traveling and have a 50s vibe to it! (Why does it have to have travel in it?? Ah, because she has 2 bags, so she has to go somewhere, with 2 bags that hold what??a tissue paper and a credit card!! Ha,Ha.. Oh but it`s a luxurious trip and she will buy everything she needs with her card! Ok, started to write nonsense, better call it a day ! Bye guys!


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