Miro the bag


How big our dreams are when we are little! How full of hope we are then! And as we age our dreams get smaller and smaller. To see the world again with children’s eyes…

Mum what are you drawing?-said my son when I was sketching a design for a leather embroidery… I`m drawing a new bag- I said… But he looked at me all puzzled: “But why didn`t you put a flamingo on in or a robot?? He didn`t like the abstract pattern. I don`t know why most people turn away from abstraction- maybe they don`t understand it… We like putting images in nice recognizable boxes. We like things that fit in. We like control. But abstraction is not this foreign strange thing. It is rhythm, sound, repeating pattern- it is a game! It is more lifelike than life itself. It is pure and clean…

Four days before my birth Joan Miró, the great Spanish painter died. This is just a fact, not even a relevant one because millions of people were born that December. And besides the common interest in art me and Miró don`t share much in common… It`s been years since I painted anything, nowadays I find design more rewarding… Design is more tangible, there is the practical side of it, and in the end it is like a game for me. I don`t think I was never passionate about anything like this before. And the happiness I have when I make a new design!! Ah, it`s wonderful… Still, all I hear is: How do I wear your bags, how can I style them..? I think the first thing is not to think about fashion too much… Make a game out of it. Imagine all the possibilities of it, don`t think of restrictions, norms and so on… Ok, I am not saying anything about jobs that require a certain image. Be plafull, like a little kid again, even if my doesn`t like abstraction!! Come to think of it kids are very gender oriented, well, most of them are: girls adore pink and frills and boys like blue and I don`t know dinosaurs and robots. My son liked pink when he was younger, but one day he came from the kindergarten and said I don`t like my sneakers, they are for girls (the sneakers were unisex by the way) and bye, bye to all things pink and girly.
Ok so not all comparisons to childhood outlooks on world work. But the playfulness and amazement of a child I would like to keep as long as possible. In the end I did make that bag my son didn`t approve of: I named it Miro- after Joan Miró. And it doesn`t have robots or flamingos like he wanted.., well come to think of it that`s not entirely a bad idea, …, yes, I must say I really can`t promise that one day I won`t feel like putting a flamingo on one of my bags!! Playfulness that`s the way forward!!

As contrast to this cherfull decoration the bag has very geometric clean lines- and although Miró the painter painted more organic abstraction it`s his playful spirit is what I find in this bag. Plus it can be worn as a backpack so double the fun!! Oh, I totally forgot to mention that I made a choker for this look, but it`s not really visible on this photos- I`ll do another photo shoot with it. Although it was a onetime thing, made just for this outfit I kinda like it! I think I will do some more. Yes it is a bit big and you can`t miss it but I do think it can be worn on a simple t-shirt and jeans for a n everyday look. I mean come on, you only live once! If you like something just wear it and don`t care about the strastrange looks you get! I am writing this because my husband said that it is a going out only kind of accessories- but he is old and boring!! 🙂 Ok,guys that`s it from me for now!! Bye


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