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Well it was about time I wrote another post… I have been so busy with my Instagram account and sewing and my son being sick all the time that something just had to give. And that was this blog, unfortunately… When I started to write this post we were deep in winter, and now it`s already springtime!! Well, springtime in the Baltic is a relative term: today is 20th of March and it`s snowing, temperature is 2 degrees Celsius…

No flowers outside of trees that are ready to leaf out… But it is much warmer than in wintertime, and we have more and more sunny days. Yesterday was so warm that I really think that spring has come- in my mind at least! I am in spring- summer mode and full of colors. I have a new model that is really summery- God as I`m writing this I`m looking through my window and all I can see is a snow blizzard!! At first it was just a few snowflakes and I taught “It`s nothing, it will disappear; continue on with your spring thoughts”.. But now it`s really catching on! Ha,ha,ha… ah well- that`s life for you. You never know what to expect next… Ok, this day is a setback from spring, but tomorrow I really feel we can go in full spring mode! Hopefully the snow will melt `till tomorrow! 😉So my bags: well I actually have two new models, first is the new and redesigned “Life is…” bag. I decided to change its appearance and name to a broader topic, so it`s not just about playing cards but everything… So the renaming makes sense, but the reason for redesign is mostly because I like making new design. For now that`s very exciting for me, I say “for now” because honestly I change my mind so often I don`t know what to expect from myself anymore 🙂 🙂 !!! Oh well, embrace your inner neurotic and stop making excuses for it!! I don`t feel like talking much about this bag because I have much more work on it. This is just the white version. And I plan not just this one version but lots of variations of it: to make it vibrant and changing as life is-as I am: because my work is me really. There`s no escaping that! 🙂

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