So I am supposed to be sewing, and writing a post on a new handbag I made… But instead…what am I doing?? Starting a new hobby: stop motion animation… Ah…With all of my unfinished projects this is just what I need. But this has got me so crazy… I managed to do just a minute of film that is satisfactory- another 6 or 7 short films got erased in the process. Even worse I am lying about it- saying that I really need this, that it can be a start of something new, you should hear me… I am too embarrassed to even write those excuses here. And when I finally published it on my Instagram account I was so nervous and scared- come on. It`s a minute of film in which a little paper doll is waving it`s hand!! Hardy Spielberg material!!! 😉 NO, the film is 3 seconds long, and I won`t even say how long it took me to make this…

I don`t know why is this so important to me. Even now as I am writing this I am checking at my Instagram to see if the film is good, will people like it… Oh god, I`m insane… This would all be fine if this is the only thing I do, but it`s not: I want to sew clothes, I sew bags, I photograph and write this blog… hum come to think of it that`s not so much stuff actually! Yes, I can pull of another hobby!!! 😉 😉 This all goes nicely together! Alright, new arguments for my next discussion with my husband about my “unfinished stuff”, ha, ha… This is not another loose end; this is a way to make everything more harmonious! And what`s the word- holistic?? Is it? I have to check my dictionary (and when we`re on the subject I am starting to get confused in which language I am speaking- my son started a British preschool so we started to speak English at home to make it easier for him, and now he got transferred to a polish speaking preschool so soon we`ll be talking in polish!!) But yes, that`s it, this is a way to get my fashion and art interests more connected. Come to think of it, my problem is not too many hobbies it`s bad use of my time. Hum, this is something I have to sort out…

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

But to get back on animation, I was always interested in it but never really sat down and tried to make it. It sounded too complicated for me. Growing up those where my favorite cartoons: A je to, the old Noddy and fireman Sam cartoons, they all fell like my childhood. It`s retro mood, the sense of old memories that are somehow at the same time new… I know that digital animation is more lifelike but this is a different kind of real for me, I don`t know how to explain it. Maybe this films have an aura of animism in them, I don`t know. But the most powerful image I have of stop motion animation is “The nightmare before Christmas” by Tim Burton, but even mentioning him is too much for me, he is an (stop motion) animation (and film) god and just mentioning him is putting my work in comparison to his (and I did 3 SECONDS OF FILM SO FAR!!!)… Ok, I`m going to stop now `cos I`m making a big deal out of this… (As always 😉 )


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