I feel the shell of my boring self cracking. It`s so liberating to move on and to let go of your limitations- limitations that I myself forced on me. I think everyone does that- tells himself or herself that something is not possible and unreachable. I didn`t expect to find myself in my 30-es, hell I didn`t even expect to find myself in fashion, since I was 5 I taught it would be painting. I can remember my grandmother asking me (and I was in kindergarten at the time) “what will you be when you grow up?”. I said: a painter, well she didn`t expect that. And if anyone told me 10 years ago that I will be living in Poland and have the time of my life I would have told him that that`s mad!

Shall we move on to the new bag, yes? The idea for this bag was waiting for some time in the back of my mind but I was busy with other projects- projects that disappointed and frustrated me. Until one day I said: ok, you (the bag) you really want to be made? I already had a name for him: Hector. That sounded just right for him; the good reliable Hector. If I would compare my bags to children this one would be the good nice kid that does what he`s told, doesn`t complain and well, generally get left out in the dark over the “divas” of the class. I think that in these photos this bag really proved himself!!! When I made him I saw for him a photo shoot in an Elizabethan style with Elizabethan stays (an early type of corset) and a futuristic shirt, and a forest to match all that. Even the decorative net embroidery on the bag is inspired by the royal castle of Krakow, so it made sense to make everything in a medieval-renaissance style. But then I saw this space on top of the Sea tower in Gdynia and it was just breathtaking. I had to use it somehow! So the photo shoot got changed into a futuristic play game. This is even better because everything was simplified. And the bag “behaved well”, he fitted in, it`s like he did as he was told. A bag that can be futuristic, and playful, and posh- I mean who could wish more??

If I ended up going for the Elizabethan photo shoot I would have made a corset for it, I was even thinking of buying furniture for it!!! Huh, crazy I know… 😉 I have a problem that I over think things, complicate everything… But I should look into renting furniture, hum… 😉 😉 It would be so great to do a bit of scenography, ah… Sometime in the future I am definitly doing this Elizabethan photo shot. It sounds too good to let go. 😉 I have to stop with this daydreaming! Well, actually I sawed the yellow and black coat that `s in this photos, but that`s going to wait for another post.
Bye for now 😉


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